Meet Paul Kirch

For 26 years, Paul dreamed of owning his own business. When that dream became reality, he vowed to help others who faced doubts, fears, and challenges on their entrepreneurial journey. Paul's strong empathy, and passion for serving has helped him build a successful platform for entrepreneurial growth. Below you'll get to see a glimpse of his vision and how it has helped him create the award winning BOSS Academy.

Host Of a Top Ten Podcast Show

A former host of BOSS Academy Radio, a Dallas-based radio program, Paul found success in broadcasting. Transforming his weekly live drive-time radio show into a top 10 business podcast allowed him to find an untapped strength in media creation, interviewing, and public speaking.

Paul Kirch is a contributor to the business learning application called Audvisor, which is a value-added partner of BOSS Academy.  Featured among experts, such as Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki, he provides insights on sales, business management, and entrepreneurship. 

"We may stand alone at the top, but the journey required the help of others. " ~Paul Kirch, Founder of BOSS Academy

What Others Say About Paul Kirch

Aaron Walker, CEO of View From The Top

"A strategic thinker, solution provider rolled up in a humble man of character is what you get with Paul Kirch. Having spent countless hours with Paul has challenged my thinking on in-depth topics like none other. I want to be around men like Paul to hone my skills and subject myself to a wealth of wisdom and resources."

Cliff Przybyl, Vice President at Market Cube

"Paul is an amazing person and a great business mind. In the time we worked together, I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge and his business acumen. Paul was a great teacher, leader, coach, and also student. Paul was always trying to better himself through additional education and was always quick to share his findings."

His Career Began In Research

Paul's career began in 1988 when he started writing professional advertising copy while pursuing a degree in Journalism.  In 1990, he joined the world-famous Gallup Organization, where he spent the next ten years. During this time, he served in various operations roles, such as a programmer, project manager, and technical-consultant team lead. 

He was awarded multiple prestigious awards during his time, such as Innovator of the Year, Rising Star, to name a few.  He was responsible for managing some of Gallup's most high-profile accounts, including AT&T, TCI Cable, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and many more.

He eventually left to pursue a career in sales and sales leadership.  He was always a top performer, receiving President's Club Status multiple times throughout his sales tenure.  In fact, during his time at Harris Interactive, he was the first person to receive President's Club recognition in his rookie year.  Also, he has achieved PRC Certification (Professional Research Certification) for the sales mastery category. 

Throughout his career, he has built a reputation as a leader, strong communicator, big picture thinking, trusted partner, consultant, and friend to many. Those skills, along with his many other positive character traits, have prepared him to lead BOSS Academy.

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