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Meet Ann Gusiff
Marketing Strategist

Ann is an active member and contributor to BOSS Academy. She's a high-impact marketing strategist who helps her clients make a massive impact through video content that showcases their brand in a fresh and powerful way. Want to meet Ann? Connect on Linkedin at 


Meet Rachel Luther
Back Office Support Expert

Rachel is an active member and contributor to BOSS Academy. She has created a back office support and virtual assistant agency, with US-Based agents help relieve professionals and small businesses from the tedious jobs that take them away from customers, and other tasks focused on increasing their bottom dollar. Connect on LinkedIn at


Meet Jeffry Queen
Crisis Management Expert

Jeffry is an active member and contributor to BOSS Academy. He's an experienced Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery expert who knows how to help ensure business leaders have a plan in place to ensure continuity with even the most unexpected events. Connect on LinkedIn at


Meet Michele Molitor
Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist

Michele is an active member and contributor to BOSS Academy. She's a impactful mindset coach and hypnotherapist who has helped many of our members thrive by helping us tap into overcome deep rooted issues and limiting beliefs. Want to meet Michele? Connect on Linkedin at


Meet Mark Hayward
Podcasting Expert

Mark is an active member and contributor to BOSS Academy. He's an experienced podcaster, with over 400 episodes under his belt. In addition his company Podcast Introduction helps leaders get booked on top shows around the globe. Want to leverage podcast guesting in your marketing? . Meet Mark on LinkedIn at


Yvonne DiVita - Book Coach & Author

Yvonne DiVita is an active member, sponsor, and contributor at BOSS Academy. Yvonne helps her clients navigate all aspects of book writing and publishing. She helps successful professionals and entrepreneurs create authority, generate leads & market their business by writing and publishing their dream book. Meet her on LinkedIn at


Brian Gregory - ADMANITY Founder

Brian Gregory is a founding member of BOSS Academy. His company, ADMANITY, is a sponsor of our community, providing tools and resources to our members. ADMANITY provides a powerful suite of tools designed to help business leaders emotionally connect with their customers. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn at


Meridith Grundei - Speaker Coach

Meridith is a member and speaker at BOSS Academy. She helps budding and experienced speakers gain more confidence and greater stage presence. Meridith's contributions and support have been invaluable, helping her fellow members thrive thanks to her guidance. We encourage you to connect with her on LinkedIn at


Meet David Schneer - Body Language Expert and Market Research Leader

David is a founding member, and sponsor of BOSS Academy. He's also a gifted market research leader and a trained body language expert. Our community has benefited from David's teaching and support. We encourage you to connect with him on LinkedIn at


Meet Linda Swindling - Negotiation Expert

Linda is one of the founding members and advisor to BOSS Academy. She's a negotiation expert, and International keynote speaker, including TEDX talks. She's a great contributor our community, bringing a vast amount of business experience.  Connect with Linda on Linkedin at


Meet Tom Collins - 
Book Coach & Publisher

Tom Collins is an active member, sponsor, and contributor at BOSS Academy. Tom helps authors find success with their books. His knowledge and experience with publishing along with this love for books makes him the perfect partner for anyone looking to build a business from their writing.  Connect on LinkedIn at


Meet Michelle Lee Myrter - B.A.N.K. Certified Coach

Michelle Lee Myrter is an active member, contributor and sponsor of BOSS Academy. She is one of the most impactful coaches we have known and is a certified coach and leader at Michelle Lee Coaching, leveraging the B.A.N.K. system. Connect on LinkedIn at 

We love the B.A.N.K. system: Click here to crack your own code in 90 seconds.

Meet Jon Keel
LinkedIn Coach and Mentor

Jon Keel is an active member and contributor to BOSS Academy. He is  LinkedIn coach and mentor who gives value beyond expectation. Time and time again, he delivers the secretes to succeeding on LinkedIn. Connect on LinkedIn at


Meet Charley Timmins
The "What's Next Guy"

Charley is an active member and contributor to BOSS Academy. He's a high-impact business coach who helps his clients uncover the right direction for their career and life. Want to meet Charley? Connect on Linkedin at

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