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Weekly Entrepreneurial Think Tank

Non-Member Price $25.00

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Join Fellow Game Changers During Our Weekly Think Tank

We call it our Phoenix Fridays. You'll call it your chance to rise up from the challenges of the week and soar into the weekend with momentum..

This powerful and interactive event is a great place to learn, engage, collaborate, and build lasting connections that will transform your business and life. 

Non-member pricing is $25.00 to attend a single meeting. As a non-member, you can attend one time for free. To get a free guest pass, email [email protected] and request a pass to attend at no cost.

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February 10th, 2022 at 10:00 AM CDT
(8:00 PDT, 9:00 MDT, 11:00 EDT, 4:00 BST) Click to Check Time Zone



Speaker: Cameron Atlas, 

Price: Free Event For Members of BOSS Academy And Guests

To achieve your absolute best, there are 3 vital things you need; Clarity of what you want, Courage to go for it & Commitment to seeing it through. But how do you do that in a world that is full of distractions and competing priorities?

Cameron draws on his experience from coaching elite performers for the past decade and writing more than 300 songs, to share what it really takes to build unwavering discipline, maintain motivation and stay laser focused in order to achieve performance excellence.

Audiences leave this experience more committed than ever to becoming the most remarkable version of themselves, both personally & professionally.

Cameron creates extraordinary keynote experiences, inspiring audiences around the world to turn their big ideas into remarkable results.

With more than a decade coaching individuals & organizations on how to achieve optimal performance and 22 years writing more than 300 songs, Cameron’s unique background provides a fresh perspective into peak performance and inventive thinking.

He uses music as a powerful way to connect with, move and transform your audience. With songs written about purpose, courage, resilience, adapting to change and much much more, Cameron performs live on a grand piano & guitar, and uses music as a compelling metaphor for work and life.


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February 17th, 2022 at 10:00 AM CDT
(8:00 PDT, 9:00 MDT, 11:00 EDT, 4:00 BST) Check Your Time Zone


Secrets To Success

Speaker: Lt. Col Oakland McCulloch

Price: Free Event For Members of BOSS Academy And Guests

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oakland McCulloch 40 + years of leadership experience,
including 23 years as a combat arms officer in the United States Army. His "Secrets to
Success", presentation is based on his 40 + years of leadership, coaching, teaching and
mentoring experiences.

Oak highlights principles that will help you be a more successful
person at work, in your personal life and in life. In this presentation we will covers the
following subjects: Importance of Critical Thinking, Motivation, Self-Discipline, Habits,
Decision making,

What is a Goal, How to Set and Achieve Goals, Risk Taking,
Importance of a Positive Attitude, Wanting to be the Best at Whatever You Do, Getting

Learning Objective 1: The participant will be able to describe the importance of Critical

Learning Objective 2: The participant will learn techniques to help in making better
decisions in their lives.

Learning Objective 3: The participant will learn techniques to help them set SMART
goals and ways to accomplish those goals.

Learning Objective 4: The participant will learn the importance of having a positive
attitude and techniques to help improve their attitude.

Learning Objective 5: The participant will learn techniques to help overcome fear so
they can become the best version of themselves.

Learning Objective 6: The participant will learn techniques to help them become one
of the best at whatever they choose to do.

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February 23rd, 2022 at 10:00 AM CDT
(8:00 PDT, 9:00 MDT, 11:00 EDT, 4:00 BST) Click to Check Time Zone



Speaker: Michelle Lee Myrter

Price: Free Event For Members of BOSS Academy And Guests

Can you imagine an increase in sales up to 300%? Or closing deals faster? What if you could build stronger and more meaningful relationships with a proven system, leveraging state of the art technology?

Join us during this workshop, from our sponsor and powerful member, Michelle Lee Myter, as she shows us how we can leverage B.A.N.K to exponentially grow our businesses.

What Is B.A.N.K.? B.A.N.K. is a simple, personality-based system that shows you how to pinpoint and appeal to anyone’s personality in less than 90 seconds. Get the universal formula to communicate effectively with anyone, anytime. Our tools, training and technology can raise emotional intelligence and increase sales up to 300%

How You Win with B.A.N.K: 

  • Personality-Based - For 1000s of years, people have used personality science. Our powerful twist applies it to the sales process.
  • Profit-Focused - B.A.N.K. increases your profits by getting you to the YES faster. We are driven to help businesses grow.
  • People-Centered - Sales isn’t a numbers game. It’s a people game! We focus on reaching each unique personality to get the YES.
  • Purpose-Driven - Connect and empower humanity and impact lives through strong relationships. Our goal is One World, One Language.
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