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Our offering is designed to help each member become resource rich and they hold a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Weekly Roundtable

Every Friday, we meet virtually to share strategies, solve challenges, and gain knowledge to accelerate our business growth. Rise up and Win!

Workshops and Speakers

We recruit top-level speakers and coaches who have powerful messages that give our members actionable insights and strategies.  

On-Demand Content

Never miss a meeting, presentation, or workshop again! Our proprietary On-demand platform gives you  24/7 access to our massive content library. 

Tools and Resources

Members receive access to thousands of training videos, brand/marketing tools, assessment products, and coaching certification opportunities.

Press Releases

Members have access to our Winning Press Release distribution platform at an amazing discount. New members receive their first distribution for free. Instant exposure!

E-Learning Marketplace

We help you package and market your courses through our AI Driven E-Learning Marketplace. Contributors earn real payouts for their content. Get paid for your expertise!


Together We Reach The Summit!

A Powerful Community for
High Impact, Purpose-driven, 
& Committed Business Leaders.


Click the video to hear from one of our members.

Meet BOSS Academy member, Michele Molitor


We have a membership filled with experienced, and highly impactful leaders. Keep checking back as we spotlight our featured members here on our site and our featured members page. 


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"Tremendously valuable observations, tips and advice for entrepreneurs." ~Henry Lopez, Levante Business Group

"BOSS Academy highlights all aspects of small businesses in this can’t miss community. The host and experts offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that joins." ~Brooke Craven



International speaker and negotiation expert, Linda Swindling shares who is a fit for BOSS Academy and her own experience as a member.


Hear from Linda

In this video we asked Linda to share her experience.

  • What attracted her to BOSS Academy
  • Why she¬†has attended since BOSS Academy started
  • How it has helped her business
  • Who is a fit for BOSS Academy
  • Who is not a fit for BOSS Academy


Meet BOSS Academy member, Linda Swindling

Thank You To Our Distinguished Sponsor Partners

BOSS Academy serves as a powerful resource for helping unlock our members' potential. Our sponsor partners provide amazing support and resources to help enhance our brand, allowing us to pursue our mission of helping small business owners to thrive during any economy. 
Together we're stronger!



President and founder of the Merrill Institute for Non-Verbal Intelligence, David Schneer, is a proud BOSS Academy Sponsor. Why ?

David Gives and Receives

  • Why David Schneer chose to sponsor BOSS Academy¬†
  • What keeps David coming back
  • David's favorite part of BOSS Academy
  • How BOSS Academy helps his entrepreneurial journey
  • What sets BOSS Academy apart from other communities



David is a market research professional and body language expert and provides powerful tools to help his clients learn to communicate more effectively.

Meet BOSS Academy Sponsor and Member, David Schneer

"BOSS Academy is a community of professionals out to help each other."  ~Yvonne DiVita


Yvonne DiVita of
Master Book Builders

Yvonne is an amazing book coach & author advisor. 

She has found a community of peers that have given her something missing from other groups. Real connections, real opportunities and place where she gives and receives support. Every week she learns something new to help her in her business. 

Yvonne is a book coach & author advisor. She's known as The Book Whisperer.
She knows exactly how to help authors find success with their books, no matter their experience.

Meet BOSS Academy Member, Yvonne DiVita

We Give You The Success Keys

One of the strengths of BOSS Academy is we provide our members with incredible resources and tools, all designed to help you flourish on your entrepreneurial journey.

We Help You Unlock Your Potential With Our Suite of Solutions: Assessment Tools, Networking, Collaboration, and Other Powerful Resources

Amazing Benefit

The ADMANITY Protocol is an incredibly impactful brand and marketing assessment tool. Our members love this tool and it's one of your onboarding gifts. This has become one of the favorite member benefits.

Learn More

Amazing Opportunity

BAM utilizes 6 different combined sciences to identify an individual in 7 key areas/modules: professional strengths, professional values & current value sets & conflicts, stages of company growth, business culture fit, work style, sales style and decision making processes.

Amazing Growth

Leave the negative moments behind each week. Rise up from the ashes and create massive momentum. Our weekly event is a virtual opportunity to learn, grow, connect, and collaborate. This is networking reinvented.

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"BOSS Academy is an amazing Think Tank Community I love being a part of."  ~Deborah Brown-Volkman


Deborah Brown-Volkman

Chief Career Officer/Career Goal Expert


Deborah has been part of BOSS Academy from the beginning. Her expertise as a career coach has been a blessing to BOSS Academy members and their families. She is always in tune with what's happening in the market and her willingness to share her insights makes her a valuable contributor to BOSS Academy. Watch the video to learn how she benefits from her involvement every week.

Deborah is a career coach and career goals expert. She's positioned as a Chief. Career Officer, but she's so much ore.
She's a high-impact content creator, helping support her prospects and clients with empowering insights daily designed to help you surpass your dreams.

Meet BOSS Academy Member, Deborah Brown-Volkman

Information Is A Success Key

Continuing education and expansion of capabilities is the cornerstone of being a BOSS. Coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs must always be learning and growing. Our content series events are priceless.

No matter your schedule, we present you with multiple options:


Former Top 10 Business Podcaster, Paul Kirch, goes deep with members and guests to extract actionable interviews that showcase each guest's gift of excellence and a focus upon implementation. This is not a podcast, this is a platform for change, growth, and encouragement.


Members have On Demand access of Think Tank calls, workshops, masterclass interviews, and events. This allows you to not just receive information, but also implement concepts on your schedule. Idea sharing is a cornerstone of your BOSS Academy membership 


World class presenters come and share their wisdom and expertise in impactful workshops and presentations. Each event is filled with actionable insights that allow our members to impact change within their business and that of their clients. Growth is never by accident. Learning drives action.

"BOSS Academy is an amazing Think Tank Community I love being a part of."  ~Deborah Brown-Volkman


Jeffry Queen

Crisis Management Expert


Jeffry Queen joined BOSS Academy, bringing a unique set of skills and experience that has made a huge impact on our community. As a former law enforcement officer he became an expert in situational awareness. He has been integral in helping our members grow and develop, learning from his experiences and insights. Watch the video to learn how he has benefited from BOSS Academy.

Jeffry is a Crisis Management Expert and the Head of Corporate Security for an International media corporation.
In addition he serves as a board member for an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking.

Meet BOSS Academy Member, Jeffry Queen-

Our Phoenix Fridays - Learning, Collaborating, and Networking Re-Invented

Together we're stronger. We learn, we grow, and we connect in a fun, engaging, and interactive session fostering success and growth.

Every week, surround yourself with brilliant leaders discussing topics designed for growth.

Leave the disappointments and challenges of the week behind. Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and join us each Friday to create a success mindset to help you face the next week with a momentum and success mindset.

Ancient Wisdom To Help Uncover Your Brand "Secrets"

Locked away, deep inside an ancient cavern lies the brand “secrets” that can unleash great powers to mesmerize and emotionally connect your brand to buyers in mysterious ways.

After a seven year expedition of discovery, the team at ADMANITY® has unleashed the BOOK OF SECRETS unto the world in the form of the ADMANITY® PROTOCOL. 

This tool gives our members great power to tap into emotional triggers to attract buyers and drive them to take action.

 A 5-minute assessment to transform your brand
(valued at $997). Is this sorcery? No. It's ADMANITY®!

And it can be yours for free.

Meet Our Founder And Get An ADMANITY® Report For Free 

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Imagine a supportive environment where you can test ideas and get feedback to ensure you're product offering is going to thrive... BOSS Academy brings together amazing entrepreneurs and leaders who are here to support you on your journey. We help you maximize your potential each step of the way.


When we began BOSS Academy, we knew we had something different. It was beyond networking. It was stronger than a mastermind community. The business superheroes coming together, sharing gifts, secrets, and shared passion... There it was, clear as day, an elite Think Tank for Entrepreneurs was born.


Together we're stronger... That was our mantra from the beginning. Little did we know that it would become our mission. Collaboration, sharing, and massive opportunities change the lives of our members in amazing ways. We are unique individuals, but our like-minded thinking helps us unite for greatness..



"I am so glad you're here. I created this community and platform to give back for the many blessings life has shown me since starting my first company in 2009. Little did I know how much growth, opportunity, and friendship that would result from this.

My vision for BOSS Academy started as a live, drivetime radio show that launched in Dallas in 2014. In 2017 that same show was recognized as a top 10 podcast show. Today, it has morphed into an entrepreneurial think tank community, filled with leaders like you who have a gift to share with the world. Over time I learned one of my super powers was bringing these leaders together and facilitating breakthrough opportunities.

If you already belong to networking groups, masterminds, or some other community, that's great! However, I can assure you we're different and we'll empower you in amazing ways. Don't let excuses keep you from embracing this life changing platform.

We combine growth opportunities (Think Tank, transformative resources, challenges, membership pods) with an incredible opportunity to showcase your strengths through our Collaboration Zone. You can literally get paid for being a member of BOSS Academy, which you won't find in other communities like ours. 

I hope you enjoy checking out our site. We're serious about our community, but we like to have fun. So enjoy the imagery, and picture yourself knowing you belong. 

Let's chat and I can share more. Click below to schedule or you may click this link to learn more about me."

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We drive change and create excellence. 

Don't just take our word for it. Let these Rockstar leaders share their experience.

Deborah Brown-Volkman
Surpass Your Dreams, Inc.

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Paul. He is a superb connector. I am a part of his Friday Mastermind group. It has benefited me both personally and professionally. Each week, I walk away with something concrete I can use in my business. I am a part of a group of outstanding professionals who are committed to each other's success. Highly recommenced."

Joe Siecinski
BrainSHARE Coach

"Paul and BOSS Academy is a place where you find exceptional resources and people. A place to learn, make connections and move things forward!"

Linda Swindling
Journey On Programs

"Paul Kirch is the "real deal". He's authentic. He knows how to grow businesses and help develop leaders. One of his most unique traits is that he is a master at locating diverse, talented individuals and connecting them powerfully. Without reservation, I trust his capabilities, his advice, and his motives."

Brian Gregory

"Paul is a brilliant communicator and wellspring of knowledge in the digital and communications niches. Perhaps more important however, is he is just a genuinely great guy who will go the extra mile to make sure the job gets done and the client is happy. If you're his client, you are in good hands. If you're not yet his client - you want to be."

Michelle Lee Myrter
Michelle Lee Business Coaching, LLC

"I can't say enough about how incredible Paul is! He is such an amazing person and his BOSS Academy community is one of the BEST! Boss Academy is a place where you can share, learn, grow and be around the most incredible and supportive people. I am so grateful to be part of this amazing community and look forward to the calls every week!"

Greg Rosner
Pitch Kitchen

"Hands down, Paul is one of the most intuitive and empathetic CEO's I've ever met. He leads with his heart, listens with both ears and delivers on-target work with his hands. He cares about other CEO's in BOSS Academy, he wants to truly help people live into their vision of abundance. I've trusted him with my clients and their projects and would recommend him and his team every day."


Schedule a meeting with our founder, Paul Kirch, to learn about joining. And don't forget to ask for Our Top 100 Endorsements.


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  • Feature In Our Masterclass Interview Series and Unlimited Access (Optional) ($1,000/year value)
  • ADMANITY Brand Attraction Report (Retails for $997)
  • ADMANITY Copywriting Workshop ($997 value)
  • Priority Opportunities to Present Workshops
  • Membership to BOSS Academy LinkedIn Pod (massive boost to your LinkedIn traffic and exposure).
  • Monthly Membership To BOSS Academy's value-packed newsletter. ($99/month value)
  • Exclusive discounts through BOSS Academy partners.
  • Monthly Training Topics and Exclusive Member Resources For Gold And Platinum Members
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