Your Own Business Doesn't Mean Business On Your Own 

No one achieves success without support. Coaching is a key component to achieving maximum results. Below is a list of recommended coaches who can help you skyrocket to success at lightspeed.

Paul Kirch, Founder of BOSS Academy and Success Coach

Dedicated To Your Success

Paul Kirch has dedicated his career to helping coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and other business leaders who are looking for ways to accelerate growth and success. Through networking, training, exclusive content, partnership solutions, and additional benefits, members can cross over to success. Paul serves as a senior leader, helping drive all areas of community development and implementation. 

Paul understands what it takes to rise up from the ashes of life struggles to become an empowered leader. Let him show you how you can face life's highs and lows and achieve greatness on your entrepreneurial journey.

Paul Kirch has been through the trenches, struggling with divorce, stress, anxiety, and depression, all while chasing his entrepreneurial dreams.

He discovered strength, passion, and purpose and he can help you do the same. 

Charity Brown, Financial Expert And Business Strategist

Increase Sales and Profit Margins with High-Tech Media & Financial Tools

Charity Arms and Equips CEO's "Chief Everything Officers" with business tools to help side step stumbling blocks and grow into a towering empire of unprecedented proportions by utilizing her superior financial & marketing / branding strategies.

She's been through it all and she still has the wherewithal to guide you, your business or startup on its journey.

Charity is an entrepreneur with decades of experience in running both personal and professional ventures that cover everything from accounting/consulting , to bars/restaurants, ecommerce, real estate and even non - profit. You name it, she’s had experience driving transformation.

Charity Brown helps high-achieving CEOs get more out of life by combining my extensive business knowledge with modern tools and techniques.

Joe Siecinski, Certified Coach With Over 30 Years Experience

Experience Results-Based Coaching

Joe Siecinski has over 25+ years of industry experience helping start-up founders to Fortune 500 companies establish systems that helped them build a bigger business.

Are you still not seeing the growth you want to achieve despite putting hours upon hours of work into your business? It's time to change this.

With Joe's coaching program, you'll discover proven systems that can help you increase sales, improve team dynamics, and more importantly - hit your revenue goals.

Joe is a leader in the coaching industry and he can help you achieve rapid success.

Joe Siecinski's  30-year career and experience is marked by proven systems, tools, and processes that have contributed to the success of over 2000 companies worldwide. 

AJ Sue, Small Business Coaching Expert

Great questions help businesses focus on doing the things that really matter.

Your Passion, Expertise, and Super Hero powers coupled with my questions and broad experience across disciplines and industries, will help you focus your energy and effort in unbelievably powerful ways. You’ve already got the answers, AJ's expertise is helping you find them. The overlap between the Expertise and Big Fun is where the Smart Stuff is…

Your Passion, Expertise, and Super Hero powers coupled with AJ's questions and broad experience will help you focus your energy and effort in unbelievably powerful ways. You’ve already got the answers, my expertise is helping you find them. The overlap between the Expertise and Big Fun is where the Smart Stuff is…

AJ Sue helps business owners and companies with coaching, business strategy, and financial/Operational analysis and planning so they can achieve their goals. I help them find "The way in, The way out, and The way up."

Donnie Hill, Business STRATEGY For Enlightened Leaders

Maximizing Impact, Brand and Legacy

As a performance-driven marketer, results facilitator, and strategic advisor, leaders in business and entrepreneurship work with Donnie to build their thought leadership platform or stand out in their industry so they can maximize their impact, brand, and legacy. 

Inspiration happens through inner transformation and outer expression. The quality of message and presentation determines the ability to attract and compel a tribe to take new action; therefore, it is what yields quality of life and optimizes business results. Thought leaders hire Donnie to define or refine their strategic roadmap and the language they use to express their ideas as a key vehicle to greater impact.

Donnie Hill helps you discover the reasons why you might be sales-reluctant, resistant, or dysregulated (meaning out of sync) in inviting your clients to work with you as a professional relationship.