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Date: Friday, August 5th, 2022
Time: 3:00 PM CDT (1:00 PDT, 2:00 MDT, 4:00 EDT, 9:00 BST)

ADMANITY Ghost Protocol

Speaker: Brian Gregory of ADMANITY

Price: Members (Free), Non-Members ($997 Includes A Full ADMANITY Brand Attraction Report)


This is a BOSS Academy exclusive, never before presented program from  ADMANITY. 

Get A Behind-The-Scenes look at THE GHOST PROTOCOL and how to use it!
  • Unlock the 16 emotional formulas inside your own ADMANITY Report
  • Discover how to create a perfect ad for each of those formulas in just a few easy steps
  • Learn how to instantly create powerful Call-To-Action commands for your archetype
  • Learn how to adapt your formulas to create winning social media posts, emails, blogs and more!

This is a special preview of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN marketing techniques developed by Brian Gregory.

NOTE: This is ONLY for those who have a full ADMANITY Brand Attraction Report. Without a full report, it will not be possible to put this exciting information to work.