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BOSS Academy is a community designed to help new and experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and small business leaders to thrive in any economic conditions. Our members are purpose-driven and committed to serving others with their own unique gifts and ideals. BOSS Academy is built on four cornerstones of success: Support, Collaboration, Knowledge and Growth. 

Our members are open to learning and growing, as well as sharing their own expertise.
We believe we are stronger together. 

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I'm currently self-employed or an owner of a company/corporation.


Yes - Full Time Ownership


Yes - Part-Time Ownership + Employed Full Time Elsewhere


No, But I'm Working On A Plan to Start A Company


No, I'm Not Currently An Entrepreneur Or Owner At This Point

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I Invest (Or Have Previously Invested) In My Own Growth And Actively Participate In The Following

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Mastermind Communities




Reading Non-Fiction Business Books


Watching Videos On Business Topics


Listening to Non-Fiction Business Audio Books

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What motivated you to seek membership in BOSS Academy, and what specific goals or aspirations are you looking to achieve through this community?

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Can you share a bit about your background as an entrepreneur, consultant, or business leader? What experiences or expertise do you bring to the table?

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How do you believe you can contribute to the BOSS Academy community? Are there specific skills, knowledge, or resources you're eager to share or collaborate on?

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Are there particular challenges or obstacles you're currently facing in your business or professional endeavors that you hope this community can assist you with?





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What values do you believe are essential for a thriving community? What have you enjoyed about other communities? Or what have you found lacking?

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In what ways do you envision leveraging the resources, courses, or tools offered within BOSS Academy to enhance your professional growth and development?

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Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you, your business, or your aspirations that would help us understand your fit within the BOSS Academy community?

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BOSS Academy has amazing resources for our members. Which areas are most exciting for you and reasons you're considering joining?

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Weekly Think Tank Meeting, Called Phoenix Fridays


ADMANITY Assessment Tool for Brand and Marketing Success


Winning Press Release Discount ($99 for National Press Release Distribution)


B.A.N.K. System Assessment For Learning to Speak To Others In THEIR Language


BOSS Academy Learn - Our Learning Management System (LMS) For Marketing Courses, Coaching, And Other Offers (Get Paid for Your Expertise)


BOSS Academy Meta - Our Career Assessment And Certification For Coaches


Collaboration With Other Members


Speaker Events - Training, Workshops, And Live Sessions With Impactful Leaders


On-Demand Access To Workshops, Speaker Recordings, Weekly Calls, and More


Business Tools and Resources Provided By Members, Sponsors, and Other Vetted Contributors


Weekly Newsletter With Community Updates


Featured Member Presentations Showcased On Website, YouTube, and other Social Platforms


Video Vault Platform With More Than 2,000 Business Video Programs

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I understand that BOSS Academy is a membership community with a fee associated with membership. I'm open to exploring membership by participating in a brief interview. 


Yes, If Accepted, I Would Like To Join This Game Changing Community


Maybe - I Have Questions And Want To Learn More


No - I Don't Believe I'm A Fit For BOSS Academy

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